Do you have a surplus of unwanted medical supplies?
Don't throw them away!
Don't let them go to waste!

The Problem

There are many people who are over supplied with medical supplies and don't know what to do with them, not when there are thousands of those less fortunate patients who can not afford the cost of insurance to cover medical supplies.
Even in America - Unfortunately, there are many of those that can’t afford the high retail cost of Diabetic Test Strips either because they don’t have sufficient insurance or they are not covered for it. It is our goal to recover and forward to companies that provide medical supplies to these needy people with your help.

You can make a Difference

Donating those supplies to organizations that will take them to distribute where they are most needed and put to good use. At Care2Share, we coordinate with good caring people like you to collect and redistribute medical products to distributors providing medical equipment and supplies the to medically undeserved communities.

What Do We Do

Simply put - We recover medical supplies from caring people like You
Care2Share collects life saving medical supplies and equipment. We divert tons of reusable medical products from local landfills. Our volunteers sorts and package medical supplies and equipment. We send medical supplies and equipment to companies that distribute them to patients in need. Care2Share is building a volunteer corps of donor humanitarians just like you!

Some of the things we accept

Alcohol pads
Lancing Device
Control Solution
Test Strips
Hospital Beds
Adult diapers
Antibiotic Ointment
Surgical gloves
Thermometer Probe Covers
Tongue Depressors
Wound Dressings & Tape
Blood Pressure Cuffs
Shower Chairs